Embrace Your Inner Magic 
Many people are born with wonderful skills that allow them to experience life, beyond the regular structures. 

However, often due to a variety of influences, societal pressure, fear, media exposure, and childhood experiences we can turn these gifts off, ignore them or just feel lost with what to do. 

I'll support you to build confidence, clarity, and structure around your gifts and guide you to develop your skills.  

Your gifts are with you for a reason. 

Embracing this part of you is liberating, empowering, and life-enhancing.

It's time to be All of you!  
First Group Coaching Session Starts: Thursday 
7pm AEST/ 9am GMT
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Is this for you?

Do you experience a deeper connection and want to increase your confidence to bring these gifts further into their life, develop your skills and feel empowered with your gifts?

Do you see, feel or sense spirit or energy? 
Maybe you feel uncertain about it. 
Let’s dissolve any fear or uncertainty that can hold you back or leave you stuck.

Would you like to learn to channel and develop trust in your inspired guidance? 
Learn the tools and tips to tune in, raise your vibration and receive with greater clarity and trust.

Are you wanting to understand energy, feel your subtle energy body and raise your personal vibration? 
Let’s do it!

I’m looking forward to sharing the knowledge and practical tools with you.

I’ve been living deeply connected all my life, I grew up seeing and sensing spirit, reading energy and navigating psychic visions and clear knowing. We all have our natural strengths and higher senses - let’s celebrate and free yours!

 I’m holding this space for an intimate group of individuals looking for spiritual empowerment and personal freedom. 

I’ll be leading this course through weekly circles online. 

This group will receive personal guidance, specialised channeled readings and be nourished within a powerful supportive container for your 
exploration, growth and embodiment.

 Embrace your higher senses

clairknowing, clairaudience clairgustance intuition, 
telepathy, telekinetic, 
natural healing hands, 
mediumship & healer capacity.....

 Live a deeper, connected life

Explore life in it's fullness. Move beyond the veil and social conditioning that limit our experience 

If you’ve been sitting on your magic, scared by it or simply want to strengthen it,  invite it be a bigger part of your life, join me.

 Free yourself and live in your full power  

Don't just think about what is possible.  Instead live your potential, explore your gifts and allow them to nourish your life and others. Let your true essence flow and see your life grow.

About the journey: 

  • Weekly face to face knowledge sharing & group coaching with Carolyn Hickey a born medium, intuitive, channel and energy worker with over 30 years of energy knowledge. 
  • The training will be held in circle, via Zoom online each week.  We will focus on the foundations of energy needed to support you unique gift and allow you to better connect with your spirit call. 
  • ​​The training group is intimate to allow for personalised guidance, personal expansion and mentoring. An intimate group allows for one to one access, more specialised Q& A and a safe space for you to ask and share pretty much anything (No matter how strange you think it might be!) 
  • ​​Areas We Will Explore: The Higher Senses and the Claire Senses - Honour Your Energy -  Activate Your Energy - The Art Of Channeling - A Powerful Connection Deep Listening  - Co-Creation - Spirit Calling - Your Gifts In Action
  • With each connection you will have an opportunity to share, ask questions and practically explore the exercises and tools, in order to strengthen confidence in your unique gift. Your questions are so essential to strengthening your own spiritual journey. 
  • ​​You'll be guided throughout the month to truly nourish your unique gifts. Explore my  tried and tested energy tools that support you to raise your vibration, enhance your confidence and strengthen your relationship to your unique skills. Its been wonderful to see lives changes and confidence soar. 
  • ​​All training will be recorded on Zoom and available for replay via our Private Facebook Group. In this space you will receive support throughout the week , it will be an interactive space for sharing as you explore and strengthen your skills. You'll have ongoing access to this space. 
  • Your personal one to one coaching session and soul reading to assist you on your path. A chance to go deeper and really iron out any resistance and fear that can stunt our growth. 
  • ​The first group live coaching session starts Thursday night April 8, 7-8:45pm (AEST) 
  • Early bird Offer $587 Aud extended until midnight Easter Sunday  (4/4/2021) $722 thereafter. 
  • Bonus: Receive 20% membership discount for the 'Energy Immersion & Nature Connection Day Event' in The Royal National Park Sydney, Sat May 8th
  • Bonus: Receive 20% membership discount for my 'Online Monthly Moon Events'
  • Over 11 hours of specialised face to face guidance, private  1-2-1 spiritual coaching, ongoing support, lifetime access to the information & member benefits. Offering value over $4000.
  • ​This is a safe space to open your heart and step forward towards the whisper within. 
Carolyn Hickey 
“I am Carolyn Hickey, a born intuitive, channel and energy worker. I have been communicating with spirit for as long as I can remember. It has been a long journey of acceptance that began at the age of 6 years old, continued through my teens, and developed in clarity with my true acknowledgment from my mid-twenties.

Now more than ever I am being asked to share these gifts with others in the hope that I can support YOU to unlock your own unique gifts, to shine a light on your soul path, and aid your confidence as you embrace the power of your own higher senses. I can help you to dissolve the fear and uncertainty that can often stand in the way.

We are being called to remember who we are. We are called to activate and free our natural gifts.”

Additionally, Carolyn has 20 years of experience as an educator and well-being leader supporting many to steady their heart and mind. Carolyn has a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership specialising in Wellbeing, alongside her certification as a Hatha Yoga, Meditation Teacher, Reiki and Energy Practitioner. She also has a desire to work with youth living with higher senses and their parents, facilitating a positive journey growing together, this is an essential time of growth for all. 
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